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A Comprehensive Safe Driving Program

The SteerSmart program teaches teens and new drivers about the risks of the road, focusing on decisions and consequences. Students learn about the impact of their decisions, seeing firsthand accounts of fatal and near fatal accidents. The program dissects the anatomy of real and specific crashes which result in fatalities or severely injured youth, and depicts the potential cost of speeding, texting, alcohol and drugs, failure to use a seat belt, and more. It’s our goal to save lives through education during both the in-person presentations we deliver and in an ongoing, interactive capacity online. For more information, contact us.

The Lovett School

“The program seems to have a profound impact on parents and students. The students found it extremely powerful. As they were leaving the assembly, advisors listened to the students discussing seat belts, texting, cell phone and speeding. Please keep getting the message out to the community.”

Alyse Cooper-Pribish–Director of Counseling

Gift, and a Tragedy, Born of a Car Culture

It is an odd facet of modern life that while we demand helmets for 3-year-olds riding two feet above ground on their scooters, we allow children to drive before they can vote…

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Article Via New York Times  –  Published: October 13, 2012

About SteerSmart

Our Program

SteerSmart focuses on decisions and consequences from decisions made specifically in cars. Whether a youth is a driver or a passenger, they will learn that there are ramifications from every decision made behind the wheel. Students learn from their peers in the program who have been killed by making just one fatal decision. They will also learn from victims who survived crashes but are wheel chair bound because of decisions made just before their crashes. The program dissects the anatomy of specific crashes which result in fatalities or severely injured youth. It depicts examples of severe crashes resulting from speed, texting, too many passengers, alcohol and drugs, no seat belt, intersection awareness, over correcting, weather, etc. The program emphasizes that all students start their day virtually in the same way. No one begins their day by thinking, “I could die this afternoon.”
The myth that all kids who get killed or injured in these crashes are drunk at 1:00 in the morning is also dispelled. There is nothing politically correct about dying or becoming severely injured in a car crash. Car crashes are an equal opportunity killer. The program shows victims from all walks of life, types of towns, socio-economic status, public and private schools as well as married , divorced and troubled homes. Car crashes do not discriminate. The program talks about athletes, musicians, artists, actors, scholars and students and therefore encompasses the eclectic background of those affected by crashes. The program has been delivered in all types of venues to all kinds of audiences. The common thread is that it has been hailed  as memorable , instructive  and vital by audiences all over the country.


Lauren Winborne, mother of six, founded SteerSmart to encourage schools, associations and communities to help prevent accidents that take lives and leave survivors impaired for life. The programs she developed arose out of research and interviews with parents who had lost their children to accidents.
So, the focus is on the ramifications of decisions made by drivers, passengers and their parents. These programs continue to be updated and delivered to audiences throughout the country to the acclaim of educators, parents and students. Lauren can be reached at

Board Members

Our Thanks To Our Board Members For Their Dedication, Guidance and Time
  • Michael Bald : Bald is the managing director of Optimal Brands, LLC. He and his wife, Deborah, have two young boys.
  • Amanda Brady :
  • Russell Bryan :
  • Carla Haley :
  • Anno Hardage :
  • Kathleen Hohlstein : Kathleen is a native Atlantan and became interested in SteerSmart after her nephew, Andrew, was killed in a car crash in May of 2014. Matthew was living in Florida and had just graduated from college when the car he was riding in hydroplaned, and he died. Kathleen has been very active in getting other schools across the country involved with SteerSmart. Kathleen lives with her husband, Chris, in Atlanta. They have two boys who are in high school and college. Henry, who is in eleventh grade at St. Paul’s, has been very supportive and active with SteerSmart working to get programs in boarding schools throughout the country.
  • Suci Jackson :
  • Steve Korn :
  • Joe Loveland : Loveland is the lead counsel in commercial litigation matters and senior partner at King and Spalding. He has two grown children and lives with his wife, Pam.
  • Marie Macadam : Marie Macadam became interested in SteerSmart after her son, Luke, hydroplaned on an early evening return drive from work. Luke was injured and had to undergo surgery after the accident. There were no drugs or alcohol involved. He has worked very hard for SteerSmart and has succeeded in getting SteerSmart at his high school, McCallie, in Chattanooga.
  • Caroline Millican :
  • Bryan Mulligan :
  • Carolyn Shiverick :
  • Robert Winborne : Winborne is the founder and managing partner of Brookwood Associates Investment Bank. He lives with his wife, Lauren, and their six children.
  • Taylor Wright :

Advisory Board

  • Steve Allen : Allen is the senior chaplain at The Lovett School. Steve lives with his wife, Sue, and their four children.
  • Fred Assaf : Assaf is the headmaster of Pace Academy School. Fred lives with his wife, Martha, and their five children.
  • Nancy Caswell : Caswell is a community organizer and volunteer and works on multiple boards. She lives with her husband, Lee, and their three children.
  • Paul Davis : Davis is a world wide banking industry leader at IBM. He and his wife, Wyman, live with their five children.
  • Louise Duffy : Duffy is a practicing lawyer and lives with her husband, Tommy, and their two children. Louise lost her niece in a car accident.
  • Chris Freer : Freer is currently the Dean of Student of Woodward Academy. Freer lives with his wife and their three children.
  • Jane Haverty : Haverty is a real estate lawyer and also focuses on non profit and community development. Jane lost her son, Jeffery, in a motorcycle accident. She has another son, Stephen, who is in college.
  • Dr. Gary Lourie : Lourie is an orthopedic surgeon. Along with working at The Hand and Upper Extremity Center, he is also the hand and upper extremity consultant of the Georgia Tech Athletic Department, the Atlanta Falcons and is the assistant team physician with the Atlanta Braves.
  • Dr. Steve McCollam : McCollam is a hand and orthopedic surgeon and is currently the president of Peachtree Orthopedic Clinic. He lives with his wife, Kim, and their three children.
  • Suzanne Luedtke Salmon : Salmon is a senior vice president at Raymond James. Her brother and sister were killed in a car crash after high school. Suzanne lives with her husband, Bob, and their four girls.
  • Charles Wellborn : Wellborn is a senior vice president at SunTrust Investment Services as a private wealth advisor. Charles lives with his wife and their three children.

High School Committee

  • Freddy & Adam Achecar
  • Neal Allen
  • Mick & Hank Assaf
  • Stephen Ballard
  • Alex Balser
  • Jacqueline Baltz
  • Quinn Barry
  • Rebbeca Barshay
  • Sam Bayne
  • Annie & Thomas Beeson
  • Brianna Boardman
  • Christian Bradley
  • Bennett Brown
  • Mac Budd
  • Brooks Bynam
  • Retta Carolin
  • Allie Creekmuir
  • Mary Elizabeth Davis
  • Rhodes Denny
  • Caroline deBorde
  • Katharine & Robert deGolian
  • Drew deHaven
  • Emma Dixon
  • Taylor Donnell
  • Cooper & Emily Drewry
  • Anna & Tommy Duffy
  • Sutton Dunlap
  • Kirby Ellis
  • Jake Fulwiler
  • Will Geraghty
  • Meredith, Claire & Isabelle Gordon
  • Jessica Haidet
  • Henry Harris
  • Lucy Hatcher
  • Andrew Hennessy
  • Ian Herbert
  • Jack Herbert
  • Henry Hohlstein
  • Melissa & Sarah Houghton
  • Blake Huber
  • Caroline Huger
  • David Izard
  • Grace & Hardie Jackson
  • Gillian Jewell
  • Thomas Joiner
  • Campbell Jones
  • Bennett Kahn
  • Laurel Kazazian
  • Parker Klump
  • Tripp Koenig
  • Mary Grace Lesesne
  • May May Lanier
  • Allie Lourie
  • Jane & Virginia Mathews
  • Bryn & Grey McCarthy
  • Clara McCollam
  • Ella & Michael McIntyre
  • Mirabel Michelson
  • John Moffett
  • Demi Murgatroyd
  • Sara Adelaide Neel
  • Mason Newberry
  • Caroline & Lexi Orman
  • Estee Park
  • Lee Ann Passarella
  • Dean Reamsnyder
  • Olivia Rezek
  • Lee Rolader
  • Grayson Rooker
  • Zach Rosenberg
  • Will & Max Russ
  • Anna & Janie Salmon
  • Caroline Saltmarsh
  • Brooke Schaefer
  • Will Shultz
  • Megan Schwartzkopf
  • Matthew Seaman
  • Elijah Sheft
  • Alden Shiverick
  • Robert Spratlin
  • John Staton
  • Becca & Charlie Stewart
  • Addie Stribling
  • Andrew Teichner
  • Joseph & Serena Tripodi
  • David Vroon
  • Rob Warren
  • Wilson White
  • Rober & Josephine Winborne
  • Benton Wood
  • Franklin Young
  • Lydia Zemmali


  • Anne & Jack Glenn Foundation
  • Hennessy Lexus
  • Beloco
  • The Fickling Family Foundation
  • Shepherd Center
  • Atlantic Trust
  • Interactive Video
  • Red Owl
  • The Atlanta Forum
  • Brookwood Associates
  • SunTrust
  • Mark Pope
  • The Mary B. Haverty Foundation
  • Bennett Thrasher
  • Children's Healthcare
  • Graphic Solutions
  • Low Country BBQ
  • Imaging Technologies
  • Optimal Brands
  • Rooms To Go

Steering Committee

Our Thanks To Our Committee For Their Valued Support
  • Evelyn & Freddy Achecar
  • Lisa & Clay Allen
  • Martha & Fred Assaf
  • Kris & Mal Ballard
  • Elizabeth & Perry Ballard
  • Karen & David Balser
  • Pamela & Ray Baltz
  • Lucy & David Barry
  • Cathy & Cliff Barshay
  • Katie & Sam Bayne
  • Maysie & Phil Beeson
  • Andrea & Clay Bradley
  • Sheri & Bennett Brown
  • Missy & Kenny Budd
  • Ann & Val Caroline
  • Frances & Bill Creekmuir
  • Wyman & Paul Davis
  • Charlene & Frank deBorde
  • Lisa & Michael deGolian
  • Carter & Travis deHaven
  • Margaret & Dallas Denny
  • Shannon & Stan Dixon
  • Leslie Donnell
  • Louise & Tommy Duffy
  • Susan & Hunt Dunlap
  • Anne & Merritt Dyke
  • Lois & Guy Fulwiler
  • Beth & John Geraghty
  • Eileen & Hugh Gordon
  • Kathleen & Jeff Haidet
  • Linda & Hank Harris
  • Jan & Jim Hartzfeld
  • Peggy Hatcher
  • Anne & Peter Hennessy
  • Amie & Fred Herbert
  • Helen & Jeff Herbert
  • Kathleen & Chris Hohlstein
  • Marianne & Paul Houghton
  • Jan & Merritt Huber
  • Felicia & Billy Huger
  • Kimberly & Matthew Jewell
  • Margaret & Steve Joiner
  • Mary & Lewis Jones
  • Jennifer & David Kahn
  • Betsy & Haig Kazazian
  • Elizabeth & Michael Klump
  • Denis & Chip Koenig
  • Molly & Tommy Lanier
  • Margaret & John Long
  • Yvette & Gary Lourie
  • Kathy Martin
  • Karen & George Mathews
  • Shaun & Kevin McCarthy
  • Kim & Steve McCollam
  • Emily & Mike McIntyre
  • Mitzi & Ed Michaelson
  • Holly & David Moffett
  • Sara & Eddie Neel
  • Kristin & Tommy Newberry
  • Stephanie & Greg Orman
  • Sara Passarelle
  • Holly & Henry Quilles
  • LJ & Craig Reamsnyder
  • Denise & Chris Rezek
  • Karen & Clay Rolader
  • Michelle & Alan Rosenberg
  • Ruth & Miles Russ
  • Suzanne & Bob Salmon
  • Janet & Scott Saltmarsh
  • Margaret & Greg Shultz
  • Renee & Jim Schwarzkopf
  • Julie & Jeff Seaman
  • Muffin & Jeff Sewell
  • Hope & Robert Shelf
  • Sara & John Shlesinger
  • Carolyn & Bill Shiverick
  • Susan & Boys Spratlin
  • Maggie & John Staton
  • Jeannie & Ron Stewart
  • Celene & Wade Stribling
  • Stephanie & Mark Teichner
  • Sarah & Joe Tripodi
  • Caroline & Bryan Vroon
  • Margaret & Bill Warren
  • Carolyn & Cody White
  • Alissa & Garret Wood
  • Helen & Brad Young

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